The diagnosis and treatment of conditions that lead to infertility can be very complex and varied from a Western Medicine point of view and also a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) point of view. The good news for us is that TCM has broken all of the possible conditions down into two broad categories namely “deficiency or obstruction”.Natural IVF Treatment

However not to take away from the complexity of the diagnosis within these two broad categories there are numerous sub-categories which require detailed investigation from the diagnostician before a firm diagnosis can be arrived at as to the possible condition or conditions leading to an inability to conceive.

The male factor must also be taken into account. It is essential that the sperm be checked as well.  In our clinic we also provide treatment for male fertility issues, sperm quality, motility, and even erectile dysfunction.

Prior to your treatment all issues will be discussed with you (and your partner if you so wish), and you will be kept fully informed as to what we intend to do, how we intend to do it and the reasons for the treatment suggested.

As with all of our clients you can rest assured of the confidentiality of our clinic and the respect and professionalism of our practitioners in dealing with your case.

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