Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on an holistic view of mind, body and spirit, helping to accelerate the natural healing power inherent in the human body.Traditional Chinese Medicine Mycology

It involves a highly individualised approach to arrive at a unique treatment plan optimised for healing each individual patient. The main difference to conventional medicine is the same disease will have different treatments and different diseases can have the same treatment. Each person is regarded as unique and consequently each treatment and treatment strategy is tailored to that individual unlike conventional medicine which sees only the illness and treats the illness accordingly without due regard to any potential underlying factors.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is the most developed and proven system of oriental medicine and as the causes of illness that effect mankind have evolved this ancient medical system has undergone continual development for over 4000 years. Chinese Medicine is a sophisticated science and is the oldest professional practised form of medicine in the world and has academic literature dating back almost 2,500 years.

Health is more than just the absence of disease and Chinese Medicine has the unique capability of harmonising and enhancing our capacity for enjoyment, fulfilment, well-being and happiness. Many people choose to use Chinese Medicine as a preventative treatment to maintain good health, as well as correcting ill health. In our practice Traditional Chinese Medicine is used as the primary form of treatment. It has had the longest field trials of any other form of medicine, it is safe and proven to be effective.