Congratulations on being pregnant.  If this is your first pregnancy you may have a lot of questions.  Here at Cocoon we will guide you on your journey.  We can provide the early pregnancy scans and foetal growth and assurance scans.Natural IVF Support

Our nutritionist will also provide you with nutritional advice tailored to your requirements as well as any necessary supplements. You will also have on hand our Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners who are able to treat you if necessary using acupuncture and or Chinese Herbal Medicine totally safely for you and your baby. Our TCM practitioners are trained specialists in this field.

Our aim is to help you avoid all possible complications that could conceivably arise during your pregnancy. However, should issues arise, most of these we will be able to deal with, however those few that are outside of our scope will be immediately referred on.

You will also be able to avail of our specialist Medical Qi Gong breathing and relaxation exercises during your pregnancy used also to ease your labour.

Should your baby be in a breech position as you approach full term we can use a very gentle technique unique to TCM to adjust the baby’s position without manipulation.

If you are overdue or even coming up to labour we can use a gentle induction technique using acupuncture and medical Qi Gong to help start the process off.

If you have suffered a miscarriage previously or are fearful of miscarriage we can also help in this area and support your pregnancy.

Qi Gong Ante Natal

Qi Gong breathing and relaxation exercises have proven to be very powerful in promoting and easing labour leading to, we believe, a safer delivery.  Please enquire about any on-going classes or one to one tuition.