TCM Consultation

  1. Acupuncture treatment
  2. Medicinal Herbal Consultation (herbal prescriptions extra)
  3. BBT referral and explanation
  4. Initial TCM Nutrition/dietary therapy consultation
  5. Documentation and filing of your case
  6. Team case review

Individual Prices

Initial TCM Consultation and Acupuncture treatment

Follow up TCM consultation and acupuncture treatment €50
Mal positioned/Breech Presentation correction treatment €50
Basal Body Temperature Chart (BBT) instruction (30 minutes) €40
Herbal Consultation only (no acupuncture treatment) €50
Follow up Herbal Consultation only €40

Herbal Medication Preparation in our herbal pharmacy

  1. Herbal tablets (one weeks supply) – €20
  2. Medicinal herbal granules (prescription) – 1 month €80

Initial Nutrition/Dietary therapy consultation

Follow up nutrition and dietary plan €40

Medical Qi Gong

Individual instruction 1 hour €50
Tailored Medical Qi Gong treatment (1 hour) €70
Specialised ease of labour Qi Gong + DVD €60
Gentle labour induction Acupuncture + Med Qi Gong €70

Specialised IVF Support

Before Embryo transfer
Acupuncture €50
Specialised herbal prescription €40
After Embryo transfer
Acupuncture €60
Specialised herbal prescription (foetal support-1 month) €80