Menopause can be defined as the cessation of the fertile stage of a woman’s life and is diagnosed by complete absence of periods (menstruation) for a time span of at least one year. In the Western world, Europe and North America the average age for menopause is 51.5 years. Menopause Lady

Menopause of itself is a natural process and is not considered to be pathological in anyway. The Traditional Chinese Medicine view of this period of a woman’s life is “Second Spring”, because now she should have a lot more freedom to pursue other activities away from child bearing or rearing.
Obviously that is not always the case and this can bring its own difficulties. Menopause is important for the full life of the woman from 50 on as she needs to maintain her blood supply for herself.
Pathological menopause: Menopause is only considered pathological if it happens too early, for example before 46 years of age or if it is happening too late e.g. 55 plus. Both conditions may need to be treated.


This refers to a phase prior to the full diagnosis of menopause, manifesting in missed periods, scanty menstruation, as the function of the ovaries declines. The woman here has to be careful (if she does not wish to become pregnant) as she can still become pregnant.
The onset of menopause may bring about other conditions such as hot flushes, aches and pains, problems sleeping, intense and unpleasant dreams, irritability, vaginal dryness, frequent crying spells, forgetfulness, hair loss, loss of power, lack of libido, osteoporosis, joint pains and urinary tract infections.

None of the above are considered normal and should be treated. A perfectly healthy transition into menopause is only noticed with cessation of monthly menstruation and nothing outside of that. Our practitioners are ready to help you through your transition into Menopause and if you are experiencing any issues post menopause we will also diagnose and provide treatment for same.