Initial Consultation

TCM Medical ConsultationWhat Will Happen At your Initial Consultation?

If you are a new patient visiting for diagnosis of a health condition then after your initial consultation and follow up the following will be explained to you.

  • The diagnosis of your condition
  • Analysis and explanation of your condition
  • Ultrasound report and images
  • A recommended treatment plan and prognosis
  • Nutritional advice
  • Lifestyle advice

The initial consultation visit will last for up-to an hour. Subsequent treatment sessions are either 60 minutes or 30 minutes depending on the nature of your treatment. During you initial consultation the following will be arranged, an ultrasound scan if necessary (which takes place on our premises), an appointment with our nutritionist who will discuss your diet and compile a personalised nutritional plan for your requirements. During your initial consultation you will also receive an acupuncture treatment based on our initial diagnosis.

You may also be asked if necessary to fill in a Basal Body Temperature Chart beginning at the start of your next cycle. This is not always necessary but if it is it can provide some vital information necessary for an accurate diagnosis. You will be shown how to fill it in and shown the useful information it provides.  (Go to our BBT chart page for more info)

Your case review

Following your initial consultation the team will then review your case and based on our diagnosis your treatment strategy will be formulated.  It is here that the medicine, (if necessary) tailored for you will be decided upon. This could be in the form of herbal medicine or other natural compounds.  Your TCM acupuncture treatment will also be discussed as part of your treatment strategy including the use of medical Qi Gong where appropriate to ensure that you have the optimum tailored treatment.

Follow-Up Case Reviews

After your initial treatment, our team will review your case and progress on a forth nightly or monthly basis depending on condition requirements. This is to ensure that as the condition changes, the treatment changes accordingly.

Things to bring with you for your first consultation:

  • List of medications you are taking including supplements and vitamins
  • Results of any tests you have taken, such as blood tests, hormonal etc.
  • Previous western medicine diagnoses.
  • Any previous BBT charts you may have completed.

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